"Backup all files except temporary, cache, system and program files"

Now how in the hell is it going to restore my partition back up when you are saying you are not backin up program files and system files?

I feel like there needs to be some clearer message of whats going on.

It can do both file and image backups. The first one sets up the file backups (where you do not usually want to include system files) to be used if you e.g. accidentally delete a file, the second one image backups which can be used to recover whole systems when the hard disk fails etc. Idk know how this can be improved consicely…

Oh I got it now, but even after reading what you wrote it did not click, only after seeing both options at the same time when I right clicked the client tray icon I realized whats going on.

The fact that it can do both was clear to me, what was not was that it offers doing both even after the initial setup. I thought it can do both in sense of - you can be stormcloack or imperial while playing skyrim. You can, but not at the same time, you must choose the side, I thought you had to choose too.

Anyway, something like this might come up cleaner for morons like me

Thanks for the suggestion. Seems clearer, yes. Might take a while to change, because I try to avoid changing strings (and their translations) during minor updates.