Backing up the server itself


“out-of-the-box” I can’t think of a reason one needs to do this, but what is the recommended way to backup the backup server itself.

I have a NFS NAS that I need to backup and I was thinking, why not just mount it on the backup server and back it up that way ?



dewitpj said:
“Backing up the server itself”
" “out-of-the-box” I can’t think of a reason one needs to do this"

Don’t you want a backup of the server that is providing the backup service for all of your workstations?
To walk in some morning and find your backup server is a smoking hulk. Oh No!

Run a second copy of Urbackup server on some other hardware and do cross image backups of the two servers boot drives. Not the Urbackup data store.

Don’t try to backup a Urbackup data store in any manor.
The hard links will make a total mess of it.

If you lose a data store drive. Replace it and let Urbackup refill it with new backups.
If you lose the boot drive. Replace it and restore the image from the other machine running the other copy of Urbackup server.

Two Urbackup servers. Each server backs up all workstations, and the other server, with a specific exclusion for the other servers backup store. Two backups of each workstation and one backup of each backup server.

Good points, but over kill for us - we will just rebuild the server and restore from there. I choose urbackup for another “secret” feature - it stores the backups in “clear” files. I can simply mount the iSCSI “share” on another server and restore from there, rebuild the backup server and away we go :slight_smile:

The NFS share that I wanted to backup is now mounted on another client and I will include it there :slight_smile: