Backing up the server itself to a remote

I have searched these forums for backing up the server itself ((linux)), I would like to have a server onsite backing up to a remote. I found this thread:

Backup the "Backup Server"? ((can’t add links as new user))

Put it leads to dead links on sourceforge. Anyone have any ideas?

Do you want to backup the whole backup storage or only parts of it? Which filesystem are you using?

I just started using Urbackup yesterday and the first thing I did while setting it up was to setup a remote UrBackup server, install a client on my local backup server, select the entire master directory as my main folder and I am not doing image backup. I would suggest you use VPN to secure the connection.

While you can do this, it might be more efficient to use e.g. ZFS/btrfs replication or LVMSync if he wants to backup the whole storage.