Backing up nested Btrfs sub volumes

Hi everyone,

I’m running UrBackup in a docker container and running a UrBackup client on directly on the ubuntu host.
The file system for the ubuntu host is BTRFS.
I have a series of nested sub volumes e.g.

  • / #one subvolume
  • /home #another sub volume
  • /usr/local #another subvolume

When installing the linux client, I picked the BTRFS snapshot option.

I am finding that I am unable to backup any of the nested sub volumes. If I choose the top backup directory to be ‘/’ then all of the directories where the nested volumes start are empty. If I chose one of the nested sub volumes as the top backup directory then the resulting backup is empty.

Should I be able to backup nested BTRFS sub volumes when using the BTRFS snapshot mechanism with UrBackup?


I did manage to get this to work by manually mounting the Subvolumes. So, in fstab, I have something like

/dev/disk/by-uuid/9089df6a-b631-4121-9d48-5be65f41f642 / btrfs defaults,ssd,noatime,space_cache,commit=120,compress=zstd,subvol=@ 0 1
/dev/disk/by-uuid/9089df6a-b631-4121-9d48-5be65f41f642 /mnt/systemsubvols/home btrfs defaults,ssd,noatime,space_cache,commit=120,compress=zstd,subvol=@/home 0 1

Pointing UrBackup to --both-- paths as separate backup paths backs up both root and the home subvol.

I guess this needs to be handled in

and btrfs_remove_filesystem_snapshot. Changes for that would be welcome!