Backing up backups to another drive

Hi everyone. I think UrBackup is great and have used it for some years now for backing up my home clients. As I recently rebuilt my server (Ubuntu Server 20.04.2) I decided to consider a complete recovery strategy to cover both my server and clients. I decided to use Clonezilla to backup my server drive (a 250GB SSD to a spare 250GB HDD and that works well as it creates a backup of all 4 partitions, i.e. Ubuntu Server os, Swap and 2 other data partitions. I keep the cloned drive in another room in my house.

I have UrBackup server and client installed on the server and make backups of the other server data drives, i.e. I have a zfs mirrored pool using 2 * 3TB HDD’s and a 1TB HDD set up as a second zfs pool. The 1TB HDD is used to store the backups.

Whilst this seems to meet my recovery needs as I also have an external 5TB HDD I tried to backup the backups to the external 5TB HDD. I reset the Backup storage path to a folder on the 5TB HDD and the server client Default directories to backup then set to the previous Backup storage path. However when I ran a backup with the new settings it failed. I checked the log and found the errors. Each error began with HT: Error creating hardlink from //…

To check if I could backup other folders I then set up the Default directories to backup with other paths and this time it worked well. As it is only the backing up of backups faling can someone advise me as to why please?

If what I’m trying to do isn’t possible I could buy another 1TB HDD and just clone the existing backup drive using Clonezilla of course but it wouldn’t be as elegant a solution as UrBackup.

Best regards