Backing up a UrBackup Server

I have the following situation. I have a UrBackup Server installed in a data centre (SERVER1). Then I have another UrBackup server installed at my office (SERVER2). I would like to backup the server from the datacentre to the server in my office. I have installed UrBackup client on SERVER1. However it was saying in the status that it was trying to connect to the local server and nothing happened. I run the bat file enable internet only. Then the client started to show can’t connect to server. I have double checked the ports are open correctly and I can connect to SERVER2 from the outside but the client always says it can’t connect. Is it a problem because the client is installed on the same PC as the server?

I checked the server log and I see the following message on the server now. What does that mean? I am not backing up any partitions just files. Can this SYSVOL somehow be excluded from the backup?
Backing up System Reserved (SYSVOL) partition failed. Image backup failed

I found the problem. The settings cannot be saved. Originally the server name was wrong. After I tried to update it from the GUI Settings it was updated in the GUI but it doesn’t save to the cfg file. After I restarted the service it was using the old name. I enabled debug and saw that in the log so I changed it directly in the cfg files and now it works.
Hopefully that info helps someone.

I plan to do the same, so thanks for your post.