Backing up a single windows user's folder


Is there any way of setting only the logged in Windows user’s user folder as a backup folder?

i.e. rather than backing up all users in c:\users, the aim would be to only backup c:\users\LoggedInUser


Try c:\users%USERNAME%
Windows changes %USERNAME% to the current logged on users username.

I am unsure you can do that.
Maybe i am wrong (i don t run urbackup on windows) but In the context the agent run as the service user.

Maybe you want to script to backup the folder of the last logged in user.
If it s a workstation with basically 2 users, the admin and the user. You dont care that much, as there would be no file transferred for the admin except for the first full, so better backup c:\users

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Looks like it isn’t picking up %USERNAME%…

I guess backing up everything is the way forward

I have the same problem. Tried also %HOMEPATH% nothing works I get errors like:
Cannot access path to backup: “\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy17\Users*\Documents*” Errorcode: 123

I havent tried so myself, however perhaps set the backups for this client to be independant and disable full and incremental backups so that the server doesnt do them on a schedule. Then write a .bat file in windows to execute the command to initiate a backup from the client. If you do it from the client, i bet the &USERNAME% context would work.

This is all speculation!

Or, you could also script a robocopy of logged in user’s folder to C:\windows\loggedinuser\ and have urbackup backup C:\windows\loggedinuser\