Backed up files missing?

A client did its first full file backup, 133GB were transferred out of 260GB, which took a few good hours.

Then I upgraded the server software version.

After restarting, the client started the backup from scratch, completely forgetting the previously transferred 133GB of good data.

The server log shows lines like this:

2018-03-02 22:18:11: WARNING: File entry with id 1499089 with filesize=3889152 hash=A5X61oI5znw6i+MjIfD+Ig== not found for clientid 2 in file entry index while deleting, but should be there. The file entry index may be damaged.

And the web interface shows:

Why were hours of backup just thrown to the trash?

Did you upgrade the server while backups were still running? That would have caused a hard stop to the processing and probably left the database in a damaged state. UrBackup should recover itself with the normal cleanup process over time.

Generally a failed backup will at least save the properly downloaded files so they don’t have to be re-downloaded the next time. This assumes UrBackup has time to complete its operations - which is why backups don’t stop on the server immediately when the bar reaches 100%.