Azure Blob Storage Error

I am setting up a trial on Azure and getting this error message on the storage

Error setting up S3 backup storage: Error verifying cloud storage settings:

2019-12-13 13:15:31: AES key length=32
2019-12-13 13:15:31: All depenencies available. Starting up…
2019-12-13 13:15:31: Total available RAM: 15.644 GB
2019-12-13 13:15:31: Database with identifier "40" couldn't be opened
2019-12-13 13:15:31: Retrieving object cd_magic_file
2019-12-13 13:15:32: ERROR: Error listing objects on cloud drive
2019-12-13 13:15:32: WARNING: Exception: Error listing objects on cloud drive

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I’m also experiencing the same issue:
New install on hyper-v VM to Minio Storage Cluster (Locally)

I deleted the magic file to see if that was the issue but it was a no go

2020-01-12 17:12:12: AES key length=32
2020-01-12 17:12:12: All depenencies available. Starting up…
2020-01-12 17:12:12: Total available RAM: 3.73771 GB
2020-01-12 17:12:12: Database with identifier “40” couldn’t be opened
2020-01-12 17:12:12: Retrieving object cd_magic_file
2020-01-12 17:12:12: ERROR: Error decompressing zstd: Unknown frame descriptor
2020-01-12 17:12:12: ERROR: Error while decompressing (code: -10)
2020-01-12 17:12:12: ERROR: Error decrypting and decompressing
2020-01-12 17:12:12: ERROR: Server returned invalid etag 9f116e479f547e31b2ad4b27c90f3f28-1 (not hex) while listing object cd_magic_file. Ignoring etag.
2020-01-12 17:12:12: Generation overflow. There is a small probability of nonce reuse.
2020-01-12 17:12:12: Uploading object cd_magic_file… Uncompressed size=8 Compressed size=49
2020-01-12 17:12:13: WARNING: Local md5sum is not equal to md5sum from s3 during upload (key cd_magic_file). Expected 35dd0a456bd37fdff3580bc7d556097d got 653050299156eaeb7f8542262cb7f69e-1
2020-01-12 17:12:13: ERROR: EVENT s3_backend Subj: Checksum error after upload msg: Local md5sum is not equal to md5sum from s3 during upload while uploading object cd_magic_file. Expected 35dd0a456bd37fdff3580bc7d556097d got 653050299156eaeb7f8542262cb7f69e-1 prio: 2 extra:
2020-01-12 17:12:13: ERROR: Error uploading magic file.
2020-01-12 17:12:13: WARNING: Exception: Error uploading magic file.

Newer Minio needs to be run with the --compat flag in order to be compatible with Amazon S3 ( ).

actually it isn’t fixed. It connects now but it’s showing as paused “encrypting and uploading to cloud”. It hasn’t made any file other the magic file.

Thoughts ?

Per default it only uploads every 24h (after cleanup) to cloud. See the manual for “cloud storage synchonization window”.

Any idea on how to use Wasabi S3 storage? The post I found first reference AWS S3 bucket. Any specific deployment guide for Wasabi?

Creating a bucket and getting a access key+secret access key pair shouldn’t be too hard in Wasabi. Then use the proper s3 url from . Otherwise it is the same as aws s3 setup.

Wasabi has documentation too:

@uroni yes that works great now!
I currently I have a local disk attached to the appliance for backup ,is it possible to reconfigure the storage as a cache disk and only use my wasabi s3 without reinstalling the appliance?
I don’t see any options for that. I like to avoid reinstalling a new appliance as I like to order commercial license on this one.

If you are using the automatic RAID, yes. You’d have to setup RAID mirroring in the advanced settings. After the mirroring is finished. Reset the appliance and let it recover from s3.
If you are using the simple disk backup storage. You’d have to setup a second appliance, configure a replication channel, then move all the clients to the new one via replication.

Hi Uroni,

Thanks for your quick help. I need to replicate as my only option.

The replication Auth key is this the same as the Internet restore key on the settings? Apologies as am getting speed on urbackup experience.

Regards and thanks,

Adeola Momolosho