Avast firewall exception rules, what?

I just installed a new PC but cannot quite figure out how to add exception for Avast firewall.

I know it’s Avast Firewall because the client will be able to connect to server once I disable this firewall.

I have tried adding applications Urbackup.exe, urbackupclient.exe and urbackupcli.exe to allow list.

Also added to allow ALL ports IN/OUT to urbackup server IP. But still does not work unless I disable the firewall.

Anyone have specified guide for Avast Firewall rules? Thanks!

Update: I think I got it figured out.

Rules are as below for those who are interested. is my urbackup server. Change to your server IP accordingly.

Also, it is kinda strange that it doesn’t work when I do an ALLOW ALL traffic rules. Had to be so specific. Anyway, this is probably an Avast issue.

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We had the same issue with Avast, and installed Bitdefender Endpoint to overcome this issue.
Got it to work, while we are on-site, but within a short time span, Avast ruins comms again.

We got Avast to work, for some time, but it interfered with both UrBackup and Tactical RMM software.

Thank you for your solution, I should have set the IP, as you indicate.