Autopdate changes from notray to tray version?!

Hy - i installed most of our clients with the notray version 1.3 - i wan’t to see what happens if i check the autoupdate button in urbackup server - it is clear that the server must have a new client version anywherer -so i searched for it - i found the UrBackupUpdate.exe in the server programm path.
I copied this file to one test client - and started it - the UrBackupUpdate.exe updates the client - but after the update i see the tray icon - i think this can happen if i check the autoupdate button
I would be nice if it is a sever setting if the icon is displayed or not - so we need only one client and can change everything on server side.
Question - if i check the autoupdate button - will the notray version be updated to an tray version on client side ?

Kind regards


Yes. It will install the tray icon with the update.

Thank you for mentioning it. I’ll fix that with the next update.