Automatically remove empty backup

Good day,

I have a urBackup on a CentOS machine at home used as remote backup for my work server. It is programmed to do an incremental file backup every 30 minutes and a full backup every 7 days. I keep 150 incremental backup before deleting them. However, at night or during the week-end, the backup are empty since the office is closed and most of the time no files are changed automatically on the server, except for software updates and emergency.

Is there a way to automatically delete an inceremental backup if size is 0, and only keep “real” backup? I looked everywhere in the settings and could not find anything…

BTW really nice software!! I’ve used commercial ones before and they were not as easy as this one! Everyone in the office is able to recover a file easily if they delete or change something!!

Thanks for the help!

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You can disable creating backups on weekends via Settings -> General -> Client -> Backup window option, if that helps.