Automatic database dump and backup of MySQL Database


Is the client capable of itself taking dump of a running MySQL database and backup the dump file?

Below is mentioned on URBackup website.

On Linux with the binary client: Change 0 to 1 in /usr/local/etc/urbackup/mariadbdump.conf.

Could you please explain the working of above?

I don’t think the UrBackup client software is capable of triggering a MySQL dump (by default at least) but you can schedule a separate task, event, etc. and time it out and point the UrBackup client to backup the directory which the dump file resides which is the way I handle it on a MySQL instance.

I assume you already know this and understand how mysqldump works so I’ll not post an example or anything unless you want me to but that’s what I use to automate the backup to disk operation.

Be sure to tag me back if you hear or determine otherwise as I’d be interesting in understanding some of the detail, but I typically prefer working with MySQL backups with the built-in tools provided rather than 3rd party for the database dump to disk operation.

Please note that I use scheduled mysqldump CLI scripts and have scheduled tasks trigger the backups each day. I’m in a Windows environment and I use Task Scheduler to trigger the backups but I assume you’d use Linux Cron scheduler or something like that in your case to execute a bash script or something with the mysqldump commands.

Hi Mahoney,

Thanks for your reply.

Conclusion: the SQL dump for the database could be scheduled in a particular directory and the URBackup client can be configured to backup the respective directory.
This is exactly what I have been doing for now.

Now, I am curious to know, what is the use of the following file in case of URBackup Client on Linux.


Thank you very much for the related information. :slight_smile:

Have you looked over the document?

Hello, I have the same question.

Can someone describe how Urbackup make MySQL dump ? I’ve read documentation, but it’s not clear.
Let assume that I’ve changed /usr/local/etc/urbackup/mariadbdump.conf 0 to 1 and add MySQL credentials. What next ? How can I start MySQL dump process, where my dump stored ?

It backups to a file named urbackup_backup_scripts/mariadbdump.sql if you run a file backup. I thought, that would be obvious…

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Dear @uroni thank you for your reply.
So to sum up. My urbackup client script installed on /usr/local/etc/urbackup folder. I’ve changed mariadbdump.conf .
Now before each file backup urbackup will do dump of MySQL which would stay in /usr/local/etc/urbackup/mariadbdump.sql ?

What if I need to make MySQL dump every 6 hours and other file backup every 12 hours in one server? Is it possible to make different schedule for different folder in one client ?

See 8.3.5 Virtual sub client names in the documentation

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