Automatic cleaning backup

if the OS crashes and reinstallation is required (i.e. there is no connection between the client and the server), will backups be deleted if the cleaning costs 1-7 / 3-5?

Maybe read the doc a bit.
If you have min image backup to keep set to at least 1, it wont be cleaned
then you can use the boot cd to re-install

I constantly read the documentation, but questions remain. I set the client, made backup, deleted the client, on the next day there were no backups on the server

while the setting was “Minimum number of full file backups: 2” and
“Minimum number of incremental file backups: 40”


Am i reading correctly that you add the client, make a backup and then delete the client? If you delete a client, Urbackup server will delete all backups related to that client regardless of your settings on how many backups to keep on the server…

Yes, you understood correctly. thanks for the answer. if the OS fails with a subsequent reinstallation, this will not be considered as removing the client? backups saved? to restore backups will need to reinstall the OS and download and install the client from the web interface??

Hello Shaulyn,

As long as you leave the client in the urbackup server, regardless of what you do with the client itself, such as re-install the OS, the backups will stay on the server. As long as you maintain the same hostname it should reconnect after installing the urbackup-client.

You can also access the backups from the urbackup-server’s web interface directly, without needing a urbackup client installation on a host.

I can get access from the web interface, access rights to files are not saved. file permissions are restored only if the client is installed. but in any case, thank you very much