Assemble Windows Image Failed From UrBackup Backup

I have issue on assemble my windows image ,
I will reproduce my issue as below :

  • Now UrBackup server installed on Centos 8.2 with version 2.5.25 beta version which is work correctly without any issues even i test assemble on windows image on server version 2.4.15 the same issues .
  • I follow admin guide decompressing (.vhdz) which is seperated into many images (C,sysvol,ESP) each of them .
  • I use assemble command

urbackupsrv assemble -o /mnt/backups/wind10_full_Image/full_image.vhd \

-a 220908-0231_Image_C/Image_C_220908-0231.vhdz \
-a 220908-0231_Image_ESP/Image_ESP_220908-0231.vhdz
I face one issue from many :
ERROR: Could not open MBR file /mnt/backups/urbackup/client1/220911-1605_Image_C/Image_C_220911-1605.vhdxz.hash.mbr
Any documented steps can any one help me solve this issue .

Dear @uroni @urbackup_user_135
I don’t receive any response regarding my issue.