Archiving question: What if server is offline during archive window?

Given this example archiving setting:

Archive every: 27 days, Archive for: 367 days, Archive window: *;1;*;*;*

The above is, I believe, a reasonable way of say that you want to archive monthly on the first day of the month, and keep each of these monthly archives for a year.

What happens if, maybe due to a power failure, your UrBackup server is offline on the first day of the month?

Will the archive bit just not be set for the month that would have been set on the (missed) 1st of the month? Therefore we have no monthly archive for that month? Or will UrBackup realize that it was offline during that archive window and then execute a delayed archiving once it comes back online?

If the answer is “the archiving would simply be missed”, then would the following be a good way to mitigate that?

Set the archive window to something like *;1,2,3,4,5,6,7;*;*

Additionally, is a dash allowable in an Archive window? *;1-7;*;* A dash is legal in other similar window settings, but the documentation does not say dashes are allowed - specifically - in the Archive window setting.

Below are my proposed backup/archiving settings (that is, if I manage to successfully post the images!) Does anybody see anything horribly in error with them? What I am trying to accomplish is probably obvious just looking at the settings I am proposing (whether I set them correctly or not may be a different story!) I have been using UrBackup for many years, but I am now creating a new installation on a different computer, under Docker, and configuring archiving (I never bothered with archiving on the old UrBackup installation that is being replaced).