Archiving + Data Usage

Hi Everbody!,

I’ve been using this product for a little while now and it’s been fantastic. Love that it can be configured on the server for all of the clients.

Couple of questions thought…

I’ve got a Client that is doing a full backup every 2 days. Incremental hourly.
The archive rules that I’ve got in place are to archive every 23 hours and keep it for 1 day.
In the backups, i’m only getting the clock and tick randomly, not the last days worth.

I’ve read all the documentation that I can get my hands on in relation to the archiving, just can’t seem to get it to operate correctly.

Second problem.

A full backup of this machine would be around 400gb, the full backups are indicating that they’re 30gb, I look through the backup and it looks correct. I’m just fearful that the data may not actually be there.

Please help.

Welcome to the UrBackup community. As you are discovering, UrBackup is different, and spending time here reading the posts will no doubt be useful.

From your description, you don’t need any archiving, and I recommend deleting the archive entries you described. UrBackup always keeps as many backups as possible within the limits of available storage and the backup settings for each client. UrBackup storage is very efficient, so please start with the default settings and only change things after you know how your particular mix of clients are behaving.

For the second part, see this answer to a previous post. Many such questions have been asked and answered, and these forums have a good search feature.

Hi Don,

Thanks for the warm welcome and your very informative post.

So should I delete the couple of archive rules and just manipulate this to suit?

So a full backup should equal the total data usage?


I seem to be getting random removals, is there any way to make it more consistent?