Archive a Full Image backup

I am working with RC 1.01. I really appreciate the new features, especially the one where I can prevent a file-backup from being auto-deleted.

It seems there is a missing feature. I would like to be able to build a new PC and create a full image backup of it. Then, I want to be able to log in to the server’s web interface and check a box to tell the server not to purge the full image backup that I created.

While it is nice to have a rolling set of recent full image backups, if I encounter a problem with a given PC, I would love the option of restoring the full image that was created when I first deployed the PC.

Can this be done?

Currently not. Sorry. I’ll put it on the road map for post 1.0 releases.

I really don’t want to resurrect an old thread, but this one fits perfectly my needs. I plan to deploy UrBackup in the company I work for. Currently we are testing it and like its simplicity and functionality a lot.
I have a very similar use case for the archiving option proposed by robc207: we often have workers from our partners who visit our company for a few months and leave afterwards. We provide them with a computer which has all the software we use installed, after they have left us we reuse the computers and prepare them for the next one. For now we are using clonezilla to backup and restore images of the clean setups. But that is a quite long process with clonezilla and it is somewhat unhandy. I tried to setup UrBackup so that it never takes disk images automatically and then take one manually, but that does take away the possibility to have rolling images.
Is there a roadmap for this archiving option?