Archival - feature issue 1.4 RC1

I do not know how to make auto Archive feature working:

Issue 1:

I am not able to configure archive forever:

Issue 2:

After i save task - archive windows settings disapear:

Issue 3:

If i set Archive every day and archive for 1 day and archive 12;;;* it is not archiving at 12 oclock ?
It is not archiving in any other setting !

Am I doing something wrong ?

Thanks for the report!

Fixed issue 1+2 in 1.4.

I could not reproduce issue 3, so more hints would be helpfull (I’m assuming the forum destroyed the 12;*;*;* )

One thing to keep in mind is that it only takes the last existing file backup and archives that for a time. It does not do a file backup at the time specified.