Archival config is disappearing

Hello @all,

having here an issue with UrBackup: I create a new Archival config for a Client, after that i save the config with the save button. If i press the save button twice - without changing anything - , all Archival Configs from that client are gone away and there are no Archival configs anymore.

Using UrBackup Server 1.46 and Urbackup Client 1.46 here…

Can anyone reproduce this behaviour?


I get some screenshots from my problem:

After doing that config, i’m clicking double on the save button and change to the settings of another client. If i go back to the KAGxPCx007 clientm the archival settings shows this:

If i made a monthly config, then i’m seeing this in the settings:

This settings still exist AFTER i pressed the save button twice…

Anyone else having this behavior in the archiving settings?


Thanks for the report. Will look into it!

Great. Thank you.