Appliance not available after VM

I was testing out the VM feature and booted an image backup as a VM. It looked like it created it correctly but then threw an error and now I cannot open the web interface anymore. I have tried restarting the appliance but no luck. I know very little about linux but I was able to log in and see that apache2 is running. I also thought maybe I could shut down the VM and get things back to normal but when I run virsh list it shows no VMs running.

Any ideas how to get my appliance back?

I guess you rebooted already?

You probably put the VM in bridged mode? In this case it puts the network in a network bridge configuration and I guess this went wrong.
If you run the appliance in a VM, make sure you have promiscuous mode or similar enabled for the network interface (Hyper-V calls it MAC address spoofing).

To manually disable network bridging:

sudo -i
echo "DELETE FROM settings WHERE key='wired_bridged'" | sqlite3 /var/urbackup/app.db

then reboot (init 6).

I have the same problem.
I was testing out the VMs feature in UrBackup Appliance 10.16. After enable bridged mode in VMs feature,
I cannot open web interface. I tried this commands in UrBackup console but not working:

sudo -i
echo "DELETE FROM settings WHERE key='wired_bridged'" | sqlite3 /var/urbackup/app.db

another problem, how do I change the keyboard layout? (use italian keyboard)
Can you help me?
Michele Lunardon