API documentation?

Do you have API documentation online anywhere? Thanks in advance @uroni.

Currently not. What use case do you have?

I have just had a few ideas on how to integrate it with other systems of ours, but each time I realized it would take either a lot of time digging through source code or asking you tons of questions and being annoying. Both of those options seemed less than ideal and would be easily solved if I could look at the various API options.

Well I am using Pulseway as an RMM and they have these API plugins. I am not too good with programming but it says that it could monitor applications. Is it possible to gain assistance to monitor server instances of UrBackup?

@uroni same request here. We use configuration management tool (ansible, saltstack) to deploy both clients and servers and we wish to automate the configuration.

Currently, the sqlite file is not very hackable.
The debconf allows only to change the backup path, all other options need to be taken care of manually.

The API seems to great entry point to do that, can we have some docs :slight_smile: