Apache Ubuntu 16.04 unable to get login

I got this working under the 1.x series that drive died :(. Now using 2.0.33 and cannot get it to work. I have fastcgi setup just like manual suggests Does anyone else have this working ? When I goto site/urbackup I see the urbackup page but it spins and never displays login page. I am running ubuntu 16.04 LTS. in Access logs I see login page in access but I never see it. I can connect to urbackup over 55414 with no issues


I decided to do a tcpdump and I see connection over port 80 and replies going back.

In access log I see
“POST /urbackup/x?a=login HTTP/1.1” 404 502 "

But urbackup has the spinning wheel no login

Yes I notice the 404 no clue why have changed fastcgi.conf a bunch trying to get this working. I do have the link in /var/www/html to /usr/share/urbackup/www. Could someone post a working fastcgi.conf and perhaps the virtualhost from apache2.conf and 000-default.conf from sites-available ?