Anyone using parallel file hashing with 2.3.x?

If anyone has parallel file hashing enabled and is using it with Internet client, I’d appreciate feedback, i.e. if it is working or if it has remaining issues.

There’s no crash or messages on the kernel console like at one point.
I could do some restore tests next week.

Just turned it on for the Internet clients in my biggest install (servers at remote offices) and got failed backups due to multiple “Error getting parallel hash for file” messages in log. Also seeing Error during parallel hash load: TIMEOUT at the end. All clients are Windows Server 2008 R2 on 2.3.4, server is Windows Server 2008 R2 on 2.3.7.

Happens for full and incremental file backups, as well as resumed backups. Number of errors varies from 3 to 1372. Suggestions?

At another site I have a local network Windows 7 Pro client over WiFi set to use Internet mode backups for encryption and saving bandwidth. That appears to be working so far.

Damn, more testing to reproduce the problem then, I guess.

Seems to work just fine on Debian testing (manually compiled because of dependency issues), however Windows seems to always fail.

I found an issue with VSS component backup (Windows client). Do you have that enabled, by chance?

Another issue is the many log messages during incremental backup when it fails (e.g. because of timeout) (will be fixed). Plus it can hang backups infinitely on the server if the failure above occurrs (will also be fixed).

There are MS SqlServer instances on the client Windows Servers so component backup is enabled in the failing backups. The simple Win7Pro wifi client that succeeds in the other office has only default components.

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