Any way to restore w/o user interaction?


is there a way on urbackup to do “silent restoration” ? w/o the user interaction, if done when the user is not available, eating, out of the computer, etc.

You can start a restore on the server. There is not an user interaction necessary

Just to expand on what @Steffen_M said. You can initiate restore from the server side (web interface). By default it still requires user interaction, but you can change that if you want.
From the docs:

When browsing backups the web interface will show a restore button if the client is online. The restore will ask for user confirmation. If the client includes a GUI component (tray icon), the user confirmation will popup for all active users on the client to be restored. If not acknowledged in time (timeout) or if declined the restore will fail. You can change this behaviour in C:\Program files \UrBackup \args.txt by changing “default” to “server-confirms” on Windows, or by changing the restore setting in /etc/default/urbackupclient or /etc/sysconfig/urbackupclient on Linux.
UrBackup is setup this way because a theoretical data loss scenario is an attacker taking control of your backup server, deleting all backups and then deleting all files on the clients via restores.