Android UrBackup Client


UrBackup client for Android that backs up (and restores) e.g. /storage/sdcard0.

Compiling the backend should not be much of a problem, but the client needs a energy preserving mode where it only connects to the server if a backup needs to be done (notification via GCM ).
The frontend (GUI) needs to be written specifically for Android.


I think this is a great idea. I would also like to ask if anymore updates are coming to the android app to view backups. A way to restore files would be really convenient.


Would be nice if it could also do a full backup of the storage. Would also pay for it. 7,99 € sounds reasonable.


If you still developing the Android client, please do not add google’s gcm pre-load notification stuff, it doesn’t matter that there are no data – it requires the google framework.

I like open source and I like urbackup, please keep it clean.