Am I correct in this thinking?

I will be rolling UrBackup to replace Veeam Endpoint Backup & Restore. Is my thinking correct that I can configure UrBackup to send Internet backups over a secure channel instead of just insecure?

By default, connection is encrypted only with internet clients (unencrypted for local clients). Mind you, it has nothing to do with network topology, it is just terminology used by UrBackup Server. So you can force encrypted internet mode for all clients in your LAN.

If you are doing backups over the internet, or any other untrusted network, then VPN + UrBackup’s internet mode is the way to go. Works great with Tailscale, WireGuard, ZeroTier.

We have two VPNs already, problem is with a change to our CRM system we no longer require everyone on the VPN in order to access it. I have alleviated the CEO’s concerns by figuring out how to use our Duo Proxy to require 2FA to the dashboard.