Allow enabling HTTPS via user interface

Hi, I’ll want to access my UrBackup on my Synology NAS remotely and I’m worried that my password might be stolen. Bu I’m unable to find the UrBackup WWW directory using command line on the NAS.

You can change the password from the GUI, or are you saying you can no longer access via the username / password?

I’d like to have a secure connection, but I can’t enable it on my Synology NAS via console

UrBackup doesn’t have native SSL support. A reverse proxy to handle the SSL certificate would be reqired

I’ve already set a certificate for my NAS in the DSM settings

Whats the URL for the NAS, also whats the URL for UrBackup?

The URL for both NAS and UrBackup are the same, because I’ve installed the native package

Same port? your NAS is using https://[ip address]:55414?

No; No, it’s http://[ip address]:55414 for UrBackup