"Allow client-side changing of the directories to backup" is not respected

If the user first set directories to backup.
Then on the server side , we forbid to change the directories to backup
Then the user setting is still favored over the server settings.

I understand that maybe we dont want to let the user think that things are backuped , when in fact , the path has been removed server side and thus they aren’t.

But maybe it woud be nice to allow the client to only set additional paths, but keep the server configured paths mandatory.
Other solution is to compltely disreguard clients setting, when this permission is set.

If I understand correctly, I agree that it would be nice to allow the client to add specific paths in addition to the server-side settings. It would also be nice if the server would gracefully handle duplicate directories/files.

One of my first test clients was setup first on the client side paths, but I determined it best to use the server’s central admin to set the paths. This client does not follow the server-set paths. I uninstalled the client and re-installed to make it work using the server’s path.

I do use the /optional setting on the server side to pick up the exceptional, additional paths needed by only 5% of my clients. That’s where I think it would be nice to use the server settings to backup the majority of the paths and enter the additional paths on the client, if needed.

Same thing, i tried client side setting once, it ended up being a mess.
Thus i switched to server side settings.
The few clients that are left with client side setting (forgot to switch them) end up being a mess to debug why a backup was missing.
And i noticed i wasn’t alone in that case, hence the request.

But i can totally understand that client side settings are needed for some users, hence the suggestion to allow to only allow a client to add path to sever defined paths.

I think the general idea is that you should not even use the client side path settings.
Maybe in some rare occasions.
if a machine needs addition paths that most dont, then on server you can specify settings just for that machine or similar idea for a custom group
I would argue that the option to add paths on the client should be removed to not lead people down that road, or it should translate directly in to that custom settings on the server when you sitting in front of the client. hmm maybe it does, gotta check it out.

urbackupclient_cmd.exe list-backupdirs is a good way to check out if paths are set as you expect them

There’s the use case for managed backups. Where you own the backup server, and rent it to customers.
In that case maybe you want to allow clients to allow to configure client side path for the data they want to backup.

Thanks DoTheEvo,

I can appreciate the flexibility to allow separate settings for a client or group (I used this for one remaining Windows XP with the majority of Windows 7/8/10 clients), but I want to shy away from this practice as much as possible because if I want to change other settings, I would have to change each separate set of options. Today, only one client - tomorrow, who knows how many exceptions it could grow to.

Not impossible, but just another item to remember. Thanks for the tip to check paths!


With “allow separate settings” there s a star next to the client name in the web ui (i also put them in a “separate settings” group).

If you use client side settings, it s harder to debug because you need to think about this possibility.