All local setup?

Hi everyone,
I installed the server on my laptop to back it up. So the server and client are both on the same machine with Win10. My configuration is like;
Backup storage path: d:\urbackup
Server URL: http://localhost:55414/
Of course D is and external USB hard drive.
Does it make sense? Or is it totally absurd?
In case of a disaster, e.g. SSD of the laptop dies or a Win 10 system failure, is it possible to recover from the Image backup existing on Drive_D?
Thanks a lot.

It could be made to work, though the server process will complain anytime the USB is unplugged, & expects the storage to be there for nightly cleanup & backing its database up.
Restore would be possible, but it’s a more involved manual process, the link to which I can’t recall at present.

All in all I’d recommend one of the programs designed for simple home setups (Macruim, Acronis, long list, usually with adequate free versions) over going down that route, or even the built in Windows backup would be good enough for such a simple setup.