All backups get hundred of errors about not being able to open files unknown files (Doesn't exist/Cannot open from pipe)

I got all my backups failing due to multiple errores of the same two type:

  • Error opening file "/mnt/Toast/Urbackup/ZephynuxMk4/230924-0205/.b68xO+K9SCOF35cLk4Bf9Q/0" for reading file. File: temp_fn. No such file or directory (code: 2) Target path: "/mnt/Toast/Urbackup/ZephynuxMk4/230924-0205/home/rustynova/.gitconfig"
  • Error opening file "/mnt/Toast/Urbackup/ZephynuxMk4/230924-0205/.b68xO+K9SCOF35cLk4Bf9Q/1" from pipe for reading ec=2

This is a fresh install of Urbackup, so I’m not sure what’s up with it. I did do a BTRFS scrub and no errors were reported

“I used the key in my car today and it did not start, what is wrong”?

Provide more info and maybe someone might be able to help. F.ex, is the client on the same machine as the server? If so, did you exclude /mnt in the backup?

If you need help, provide info so the problem can be analyzed.

Could you give us some more infos:

  • which version of Urbackup server?
  • which OS on server
  • what is mounted here: /mnt/Toast (which fs)