After one Bare Metal restore, restorecd can't find image anymore

I was just trying out Urbackup., I did an image of a machine. Then I created a virtual machine and restored with help of the restore cd the image inside of the virtual machine. Everything worked perfect.
Then just for the fun of it I wanted to try out the restore once more, and now the restore cd tells me:
“Following error happened: No images for client ‘compi’ found.”
I thought ok, maybe I can restore an Image only once (for whatever reason). And told the original client to do an other Full Image backup. But still, the restore cd does not find that image.
The only thing I noticed was, a while after the first restore and before I tried the second one UrBackup crashed (I couldn’t find any error message in any logfile), so I had to restart it, but besides that the restorecd can not find that image, everything seems to be working perfectly.
I verified the filesystem and could find the image there.
I’m executing Urbackup in a Jail on FreeNas.
Any idea what the problem could be? (I don’t really need to restore that client since it was only a test, but I don’t really want the same situation to happen when I need to do a real restore)

Do you have multiple UrBackup server instances on different Jails/Computers, per chance?

argh. You’re absolutely right. Seems like my boss decided that if something should be done right, you have to do it yourself and installed the backup server on his machine. Thanks a lot for your fast response.
Btw. off topic. My Boss was wondering why there is no donate button or similar on your page.