After database issues all backups start at same time

Some time ago i had a issue with the database and my linuxclients were corrupt. After fixing the clients and the database issue all seemed fine. But now all full backups are running at the same time. I have 21 servers that now start at the same time with a full backup, this is not going very well :slight_smile:
I hade a shedule of about 3 server for a full backup per day, so there would only be 3 full backups running per day. Rest of the week days are incremental.
Is there a way to set that the right way again.

I wonder if it was caused by the full backups not being able to start at the allotted time, because the server was down.
I have a similar issue here. If the server is down all clients end up being overdue for backup.
When they see the server again they all backup together. Thankfully the server can handle it.

You could initiate a full backup for SOME servers early. When they finish do the same with a few more and so on.
This would then stagger the next full backups…

On the main setting page did you try to set “Max simultaneous backups” or “Total max backup speed for local network”?
Maybe for your environnement you want to lower theses (maybe not a too low value so that if one backup s very slow or stuck, it doesn’t block everything)

For the server and each client you can also set a backup windows, so maybe you want to do morning/afternoon client

One full every 1-2 week should be more than enough. It s mostly for catching corruptions (whole files are transmitted, but still stored deduped if identical).

If you do 3 backup per day: Look at archiving, this will allow you for example : to keep the 3 daily backups for like 3 days, then keep only one per day during 2 weeks, then keep one per week during a few months. (need to lower min/max file backup )

@hippy1970 , i could change te setting per server now, but then again i have 21 different client settings, so if i want to change something i will have to edit them all.

Max simultaneous is set to 100 and i have no limit on backup speed, not on the server and not on the clients.
I think my only option now is to change it per server as hippy1970 also mentioned.
My schedule for every server now is every week a full backup for max 4 weeks and everyday an incemental per server with a limit of 50. So it is not 3 backups of 1 server per day.
Before the DB problem and linuxclient problems everything worked fine.