Adjusting When Client Backup Runs?

Using global backup interval settings via Urbackup GUI, I have our clients setup to take a full image every 60 days and also incremental images every 7 days.

After creating a new filesystem on the backup drive, I find many clients set to take an image on the same day and wanted to spread them throughout the week. I thought that if I started an unscheduled full image backup on a different day, that the future schedule for that client would follow the new day a week from then. It does not and the following week, the schedule on the server starts a scheduled incremental image backup on the previous, congested day.

What is the right way to modify a backup schedule from the server? Thanks.

If you need more than “best efforts” scheduling, you may place selected clients in groups and then specify the days of the week each group may attempt each of the four backup types. (Under Settings: Client: Backup window is a Show details button that expands the default single window to show each of the backup types.)

You may also reduce the Max simultaneous backups and/or the number of minutes in the Backup window to prevent starting more backup sessions per day than you find comfortable. Backups will then naturally spread out as they compete for the reduced opportunities.

Honestly, I haven’t worried about it other than scheduling backups when the Client systems are not otherwise busy. Early on I had a problem with the Server still performing backups when the workday began, but using the second method above was sufficient. The rare Client set that does not keep “office hours” is easily accommodated by checking Separate settings for this client and adjusting the backup window as appropriate.

Thanks for your reply. I like your second method and will use that. I guess I was impatient and wanted to spread them out as soon as possible. Thanks!