Adding total network throughput on statistics page


I think it will benefit everyone if there was an added stat at the bottom of the “Activities” page that shows the total current speed of all the backups running at the time.

I am backing up 16 clients, I have broken them down into 5 groups with different time slots to commence backups. Every group has a different time slot to prevent the storage location from dipping in disk read and write speeds to reduce the time it takes to complete a backup.

I can then compare the stat I’m getting on the web interface of UrBackup and the storage location dis IO as the UrBackup server and the storage location is 2 separate machines.

This is a small feature that I think will be easy to implement as its already pulling the stats for the individual clients, now it will just combine all the values into 1 :slight_smile: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

What does the rest of you all think?