Adding a linux backup client


I have created a backup server (running on linux) and I have backed up some windows machines there with some success.

I am now trying to add a Linux client, no dice. What i tried is:

  • on server, Add a client. Put FQDN in internet client field.

  • got web page that included:
    Install it directly in the terminal via:

TF=mktemp && wget "https://SERVER.DOMAIN.COM/urbackup/x?a=download_client&lang=en&clientid=12&authkey=XXXXXXXXXXXXX&os=linux" -O $TF && sh $TF; rm $TF
Chose 2. LVM snapshot type, did not get any errors.

  • After installing in terminal as instructed, nothing seemed to happen.
    Ran in client:
    urbackupclientctl start -f
    The process does not seem to exit.

  • Server showed “Indexing” briefly and then “No activities”. Status page for this client shows -
    File backups: No paths to backup configured
    Image backups: not supported.

  • /var/log/urbackupclient.log is empty on the client

  • tried (as per
    urbackupclientctl add-backupdir –path /
    PARSE ERROR: Argument: –path
    Couldn’t find match for argument

Can anybody advise, what could i try next? Client is Centos 7, LVM root partition.

Use urbackupclientctl add-backupdir -d / or urbackupclientctl add-backupdir --path / or set default directories to backup on the server to /

Great, thanks.

Adding default directories on server to / and “urbackupclientctl start -f” did not seemed to do anything.

“urbackupclientctl add-backupdir --path /” seemed to do the trick and when i ran “urbackupclientctl start -f” after that, it backups.

But previously i copied it from the online manual and there – has been concatenated to –
Kicking myself for not catching this, but perhaps someone will fix the manual at

lol, this editor also concatenates double dash to long dash on edits, so…