Add Status For Computer As Active Or Inactive

We can take computesr out of service with the idea of never bringing it back in service. I have learned that that this idea does not always hold true and sometime later that computer is to be restored. While I usually date a usable hard drive and hold it for these just-in-case episodes, I may have need for that drive to replace an active client’s failing drive.

I now archive the out of service computer’s backup in urbackup, but then this computer name in urbackup gui will show offline. I usually sort by online status to see if all current computers are running and then have to disregard the out of service computers.

I would like for the idea to be considered to have the ability in urbackup to classify a computer as Inactive and have those computers fall to the bottom of Urbackup’s Status page. So, instead of one “Backup Status” section, the top would be “Active Backup Status” and at the bottom of the page would start the “Inactive Backup Status” section.

Maybe even add a Notes column for details why it was set to Inactive and/or list it’s previous use

This way I could keep the inactive backups, but know that they are not in the current backups section.

Thanks for the consideration.

I’m using it this way: I’m placing offline (or out of service) PCs in the general settings tab and disable any backups. The active hosts are placed in groups with enabled backup settings.

Thanks - I’ll have to look into that.