Add option to add tags/pseudonyms to clients

It would be really great if we could add tags to clients, as computer names usually don’t carry the name of the user, but instead an internal number, for example PC-298304. Every time that I receive a warning, I have to look at a separate list and compare, because while I do know most of the users, I don’t know the internal number of their PC.

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You can use any name for the client.
It’s a setting in the per/client section.
Be aware that it does not change immediately. There appears to be some background housekeeping that changes it !

Yeah, but that’s the “PC NAME”. Wouldn’t it mismatch the client, if the names aren’t matching anymore? Also, I have 40+ clients, so every time that I want to submit a change globally, I would have to manually update all 40 clients.

AFAIK the clients have an ID and all that is changed is an alias.
I do not understand the use case you describe in your second paragraph.