Add offline copy back to main store

I make copies of the backup images and files for some of the clients and move them to an offline drive. Is there a process that I can use to copy these back to the urbackup server and have them show up to the client and/or restore app for that same server?

I sometimes get requests that a file from 11 months ago is gone, and I fine myself mounting the images and manually copying the file over to their server location. It would be nicer for me to just re-add the files to the index so they call pull it themselves.

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Just a follow up to this: I know I’ve seen feature requests for off-line “cold” backups; this would be an EXCELLENT add-on to urbackup. I’m currently looking at btrfs-clone to clone the filesystem, but I’m not sure how far I’ll be able to get with that. Any other thoughts would be sincerely welcomed!