Add Drivers to client restore CD

How would I add virto Drivers to the client restore CD on PXE boot I am in the process of testing the Restore feature by restoring my PC into a VM on my unraid server, The issue I am running into is the restore cd cannot find the hard drive of the VM. Thanks in advance for your help.

Can you try if this driver is in this restore CD ?

You mean the KVM virtio driver right?

Yes I will try it today thank you.

I tried that but the it keeps hanging up at this point.

Have you had anytime to look into this?

i to am interested in this it would be great to be able to add drivers for custom hardware like you can in WINPE

The restore CD is Linux-based, so there needs to be a Linux driver with appropriate license such that I can include it in the live cd.

No. At this point, I’d have to setup my own unraid server. The restore cd is based on debian live. Something you could do is try varius debian live builds and then tell me if one of them works ( ). Then I can build a restore cd based on the same version.

Why not go for WINPE on the live CD?
More flexible and maybe more drivers (storage & NIC)?

In fact WinPE is LESS flexible…
Nearly no drivers included… has to be build for each precise architecture independently…

It would just be a question of creating a GUI for a Windows based restore (selecting the backup, selecting target disk). Someone just has to create that :wink:

The Linux ISO is relatively easy to assemble, works on most common hardware and I can just upload that as ISO which you can copy to an USB stick with a few clicks. This seems way more user friendly than Windows PE for me.