AD Users Cannot See Data To Restore

I have UrBackup rolling out in production with the server running on Ubuntu Server 22.04. Connected to LDAP for authentication with Duo 2FA authentication (but the issue happened without it as well). As a domain admin, I can see everyone’s backups and restore them without issue. But once I log in as a normal user I cannot see anything past the initial backup level to restore. I am also seeing all backed-up computers when I log in with my normal user, not just my computers. I’m happy to provide any logs that may help resolve this issue.

Update, I tried creating local users and that works perfectly. I do not want to go that route because per my CEO I need the Duo 2FA in place. I have the default “LDAP/AD class rights map” of “user==>lastacts={AUTOCLIENTS},progress={AUTOCLIENTS},status={AUTOCLIENTS},stop_backup={AUTOCLIENTS},start_backup=all,browse_backups=tokens”

Do I understand you correctly if you want the users to be able to restore from the backups?

This might sovle it:
On each user client computer check /etc/default/urbackupclient and make sure RESTORE=server-confirms is enabled.

You also might want to create different groups for the users and see if you can configure it that way.
I’m sorry, I can’t help more. :frowning:

How would you set that on the Windows client? And end users can restore, but only the full backup set.

Oh, yeah, windows… Check the UrBackup - Server administration manual
Information Is most likely in there.
Check point 9, restoring backups.

Looked at it, but can’t see it. But I am super worn out due to a CPAP supply issue and not sleeping well.

Really, “nothing in there”??

I HATE when ppl do not take advice.

You can change this behaviour in C:\Program files \UrBackup \args.txt by changing “default” to “server-confirms” on Windows, or by changing the restore setting in /etc/default/urbackupclient or /etc/sysconfig/urbackupclient on Linux.

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I forgot to upload screenshots of the web UI. Please look at them for what I mean.