AD Users and computers (2.0.4)


Tried to search for the answer and I know that 2.0.4 is still Beta.
Had no problem to set up AD users and logon with accounts from Active Direcotry (win 2012)

What I’m wondering about is how do I assign computers to users?
In the local account system I assigned the ID of the computer to the user but I don’t know how to do this for AD users?


afaik you dont…
the ACLs are backed up as well in 2.0.4 so urbackup “knows” which user has access to which files…

I don’t think we are talking about the same thing :smile:
If I use local users I use the chage rights button next to the username and assign the ID of that users clients.
so when the user logon he seas and can interact with his clients only.
If I activte AD I don’t get access to any rigths button and I can’t assign clients to a specific user.
How I’m I suposed to map user<->clients if I use AD?
Also when I logon with a AD user account I just get 1 client showing, same for all accounts and it is allways the latest client added to the urbackup server.

The ACL is not saved and restored, at least not in win 10 with the 2.0.4 client.
Tried to chenge the ACL of a file and then restore it and the ACL stays the same.

Could you upload the file C:\Program Files\UrBackup\urbackup\data\tokens_*.properties from one of the clients?

Sorry for the late reply, sick kids.

Here is the file (1.3 KB)

Any ide of how to link user to client when using AD?

As tarakesh said. It’s linked up automatically.

In the file you uploaded it says the computer has a user named ladmin. Are there other domain users on this machine that it is perhaps missing?

ladmin is the local administrator account on that computer, not a domain account.

Is still don’t see how it will/should work.
Perhaps I’m just extra slow this week :smiley:

If my user Tim loggon to the urbackup server web interface with his AD account he only sees 1 client, my AD server (not the same as urbackup) and not a client this user should see.
If my user Julean loggon to the urbackup server with his AD account he sees only that same client.
I’ve had the same result for 3 other AD users accounts.
If I logon with my AD account who is a member of the domani admins group from my AD I see everything as I should.

So how are I supposed to link Tims clients to his account and Julean to his clients?

I’ve setup these clients as internet clients to be able to use local urbackup users and set the rights to clients in advance as I did in pre 2.x.x.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Ok, I’ll have to setup my own environment to make this work it seems. I may remove this feature until I have time for that.

Mail response to wrong forum, sorry :wink: