Access web login only from localhost or one external IP

Hi. I have a UrBackup Server installed on a Windows Server 2012. I want to disable the web login access from internet (I want to login only from localhost) or enable access from internet only from 1 IP. Is this possible?. Thanks a a lot.

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That’s a router or firewall question. The box that stands between your server and the bad old Internet is where such restrictions belong. You may also add rules to the Windows firewall and access restrictions as a backup, but you really need a separate router/firewall helping keep your network safe.

Hi Don. Thanks for your reply. I know what is a router or firewall. My server is dedicated server placed in a datacenter where I have no chance to modify the firewalls rules. So my possibilities are modify Urbackup Apache rules to do that, and this is that I don’t know how do. Thanks a lot.

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Don’t know about Apache rules, but

  1. Slap an IP address on it, and don’t setup a URL for it; i.e.
    Leave it as like or whatever your map is.
  2. Slap a password on the UrBackup network console (the admin pass for the admin account on UrBackup) that only a handful of people in your department know.
  3. Only access it from select few machines, and since you are not broadcasting it on a public address you will need to be on the local network to access it.


  1. Find out what port your server is on.
  2. Setup an ACL on the switch.

OK Trammell, I’ll try. Thanks a lot.

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