Access/Restore backups Error “No rights to access any files.” “Error getting server URL. Cannot access files.”

I tried clicking on the “Access/Restore Backups”.

I got the errors, “No rights to access any files.” and “Error getting server URL. Cannot access files.”

I upgraded the server and clients to the latest version and I still get the error message.

General->Server->Server URL is setup with a port number.

Sounds like these are Urbackup web interface errors (no screenshot) so you don’t have a connectivity to the server problem.

I’ve frequently seen the “Access/Restore backups” link not work. Create a user under the server settings, and login to look at the backup as a workaround.

Any advice on possibly getting this to work? I’ve setup the URL (using the same URL as I have to access the site) so I’d think it would work, but so far no dice. Windows client 2.3.4, Linux server 2.3.7

This might be ‘obvious’ to some… but should this work with backup images, or only when backing files? I started testing file backups and now I can access backups from the icon (which bring up a web browser for the files)

I to am having this issue. I am running UrBackup Client 2.3.4 on Windows and I am not able to restore any thing from images. Is this expected?