About to set up - can I use a network storage device for backup location?


Hi all,

I’m looking into a network backup solution for our office and home workers. urBackup looks great and I can’t believe that I haven’t found it before.

I’m thinking about buying a NAS device and using that for the backup solution. I’ve read a few topics online about this and I can’t see a concrete answer about the process.

  1. Can I happily use urBackup with a NAS?
  2. Do clients backup through the server, or straight to the NAS
  3. Are there any issues in this setup if I have a Linux server and a mix of clients?

Thanks guys.


I don’t have have an answer to this question, but I find it extremely disheartening that no one responded. I basically have the same issue.

So, yeah: How can one use an external storage location (line a NAS, or other network drive) in UrBackup?