Ability to use relative symlinks instead of absolute symlinks?

My current setup is NAS1 which serves an NFS export for urbackup to use and backup to. I’m setting up NAS2 which will be a replica of NAS1 for backup purposes. I’m using rsync to push data from NAS1 to NAS2. It’s all working great except for the urbackup dataset.

When “Use symlinks during incremental file backups:” is checked, it looks like absolute symlinks are used in the backup directories (full path like /mnt/tank/home/urbackup/client1/…). When this data is rsync’d to NAS2, the symlinks are all broken because /mnt/tank doesn’t exist on NAS2, it’s a different pool.

I’m working around this by unchecking the “Use symlinks” checkbox, which I believe causes urbackup to use hard links instead. Is that correct?

Finally, is there any option or plans to implement relative symlinks so they would still work if the whole urbackup storage was moved (or in this case, copied) to a different system?