Ability To Schedule Day/Time For Max Backup Speed Setting

I could use the ability to schedule different values for “Total max backup speed for local network”.

I limit max backup speed during working times, but would like the max to increase to near maximum available network speeds during off times to help get through imaging clients quicker. Right now, I manually change max speed to the time when there is less users and then decrease it before all other users return. Could use two settings per server - One for reduced speeds and other for almost maximum speed.

Desire to use same format as other schedules: 1-7/0-24 or 1-5/0-4, 20-24, etc

Already present :wink:

Great! Sorry to use up the bandwidth. I’m running server v.2.4.13 and don’t see where to set up different times for this.

Edit: Crap! I found it in the docs. Sorry!! Thanks(!)