Ability to rename client backup folder on the server without causing issues restoring?

I currently have my Urbackup server setup on a Windows 7 machine and have a test network built to backup a test machine. I was able to successfully backup the test machine using a full backup image. After the backup was created i went onto the server into the backup folder i designated for Urbackup clients to backup to and changed the name of the folder which was Test-PC to ImagePC. Once i changed this on the server i went to restore the image on the test machine and i got an error saying that there are no backup client images available to restore. Is there a way to change the folder names of the backups on the server without affecting the restore process?

Can you clarify if you changed the location of your backup storage or renamed a folder within your backup storage?

The location of the backup folder on the server is C:\Urbackup

Within that folder are folders created by Urbackup for each machine that is backed up. Each folder is named using the computer name of the machine being backed up. For instance the structure of the folder is C:\Urbackup\Test-PC of the machine i successfully backed up. I then changed the folder name to ImagePC so the new file path reads C:\Urbackup\ImagePC. I did not change the name of the VHD files within the ImagePC folder though.

When i run the Restore CD i can find the Urbackup server as it asks me to login using my admin username and password but then tells me there are no backup folders available on the server. Before i changed the folder name from Test-PC to ImagePC i could see the image file and restore it to the test machine no problem but once i changed the folder name on the server to ImagePC it tells me there are no Backup Folders available. I then even tried to rename the folder back to Test-PC from ImagePC to see if the Restore CD could find the backup folder again but i still get the same error saying there are no backup folder available.

It seems once the folder name of the backup is changed on the server i can no longer see it as an available backup folder for restoration. Is there something i have to run once i change the folder name? i tried to run the clean_database, remove_unknown and repair_database but all result in the same error when trying to restore an image.

At this point remove_unkown probably removed the image from either the database or removed it completely, since that is its purpose.

There is not functionality to rename an existing on the server while keeping the backups.

Remove_Unknown was run but did not remove my backup at all from the folder. The folder and VHD files within that folder are still there but just not being seen by the restore CD.

Is there something i can run to repair the paths on the server so they can be seen when trying to do a restore.

You can open the SQLite database (backup_server.db) in e.g. SQLite Browser and change the path of the image in the backup_images table.

Uroni -

This reply is from 2015 so I wanted to ask you something. Could you tell what would need to be changed exactly within the table records? Are you sure it’s only this specific table now? Is it just the Path field value that points to the VHDZ file?

Wonder if I should open a new question or perhaps read something more specific on the topic from the help site or whatever, but if the app doesn’t support being able to rename some of these and update the records accordingly now, I’d like to understand the DB structure for these objects and keys, etc. to find a query I can build to do it.

I’d of course share and pass along to the team to see about feature enhancement to use logic but give a UI method or something to do this from the server.

This would be a helpful feature in my environment of a small business in a shop environment with a small data center / server room for data collection of industrial IoT data.

With CloneZilla it allows you to see all folders on an SMB share you point it to for restore points, and I could have images renamed to Server2016HPDL380G9 and use it for Windows Server base image when building each server; some may be SQL, Exchange, etc.

It’d be nice if the boot disk for client restore could point to the location where the restore images per machine are stored, and just be able to see all of them and select accordingly?

Does the boot client ISO image not see all the folders in this location due to something with the URBackup Server DB files? I would have thought it’d just need the files within each folder to know how to put the image, etc. on the volume.

Any advice or starting points for my in this little quest here I got going on?