Ability to [en|dis]able debug logging & fetch debug logs from server

It would be really handy to be able to set debug logging mode & fetch debug logs from the server.
Inevitably whenever I have an issue where debug logs get requested, it’s ALWAYS for a machine at a remote location which I shan’t be able to visit to run the batch file to enable it for months.

Then there’s the problem of fetching the client logs when you’re only backing up dater under C:\Users

Makes one look rather silly when one requests help @uroni requests debug logs & you can’t conveniently provide them (or conveniently inspect them yourself for clues).

Being able to check a box for that client to enable debug logging & click a link/button to fetch the most recent debug log would be perfect… Even if one had to temporarily enable separate settings for that client.

Otherwise someone can ask for help, have to let weeks or months pass, & then they look like a chump, either because they didn’t follow up… or because they resurrected an ancient post/thread.