A few issues and requests

Hello urbackuppers,
I am testing UrBackup in production enviroment, about 100 windows clients.
Server 2.3.8 on ubuntu 18.04.

We were looking for an alternative of Clonezilla, that is actually what we use as a “disaster recovery” when a client needs to be restored after serious hardware or software problems.
So what we need is an image backup solution, more than a file backup solution.

And at the moment UrBackup seems perfect, I installed the windows “no tray” agent and schedule the backups from the server. So far so good, despite I am still in the testing phase.

The WebUI is minimalistic but with all the main functions. I just have a few questions and some improvements requests:

  • When I semove some backups using the WebUI ( from the “Backups” tab ), it seems that, in the Status page, the “Last Image Backup” or “Last File Backup” date does not update.
  • The “activities” page shows the actual activities (i.e. the backups running) and the past activities (i.e. the backups that ended). It would be nice to see also the Future activities…i mean the backups next tasks, such as "at 12:45, backup of C: of client XYZ.
  • In the “status” page, is possible to execute manual/full backups. It does not require any confirmation. I think would be nice a “are you sure?” confirmation window.
  • The “backups” page shows the last time of file backup. Not the last time of image backup.

I think is enough, I cannot be too exigent, considering is my first post.

Bye and congratulations again